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About Jon Wolf

I don't wear a beret or black clothes all the time but I do paint and draw.


I'm a reasonably normal guy who learned to draw as a kid.  My dad taught me one point perspective when I was about 6 while we watched a new episode of Happy Days.   He was a painter, my brother is a painter (artist), my mom is a craft artist and makes tremendous cookies, and my sister has done some fine work of her own (water colors).  Family-wise though, my brother (Mike Wolf) continues to be my biggest influence and if you search "Mike Wolf oil painter" on Google you will find his work.  I'll have a link here shortly. 


I also had a very good high school art teacher (Ed Miller) who taught me the value of work ethic in art.  He also stressed the "principles and elements" of design.  I can still recite them...I think.   Line, form, color, texture, space, variety, rythm, balance, unity, and emphasis.   


I try to "paint what I know".  Could be a bar, could be my neighborhood, could be friends, could be Missouri or California landscapes, or even SF Cityscapes.  


I'm happy to discuss doing made to order commissions.   We can work together to make sure you get a valuable work of art that we are both proud of. 


Take care, enjoy the site, and send me a note!





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